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30 Oct 2019
International Bank License in St. Lucia
Category: Offshore Bank License, St. Lucia
In recent years the Caribbean has become a haven for foreign investors and corporations to open an offshore bank in many jurisdictions you can find here. In most cases, you can eve...
30 Oct 2019
Banking Licenses in Luxembourg
Category: Luxembourg, Offshore Bank License
Europe has quickly become one of the safest places in the world for offshore banking. Its secure financial laws and varied landscape of distinct jurisdictions make it a prime locat...
30 Oct 2019
Dominica’s Offshore Banking Industry
Category: Dominica
Dominica is one of the least well-known jurisdictions located in the Caribbean. Its prime location within the central islands makes the country a great spot for foreign investors w...
29 Oct 2019
Start a Bank in Puerto Rico in 10 Steps
Category: Longer Reads, Offshore Bank License,...
10 steps to start a bank in Puerto Rico. Banking licenses in Puerto Rico are the hottest offshore banking license for 2020 and are dominating the market. If you’re looking to form ...
28 Oct 2019
Federal Fintech Bank Licenses
Category: Fintech
In 2018, the United States issued regulations for a Federal Fintech Bank License. The purpose of this license is to give non-bank financial firms and payment companies a path to a ...
28 Oct 2019
Swift Code Defined for an International Bank
Category: Swift Code
Once an international bank license is approved, one of the first tasks is to apply for a SWIFT code. In this article, I will define the Swift code for an international bank, review...
23 Oct 2019
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Sample Operating Expenses for an Offshore Bank in Puerto Rico
Category: Business Planning, Longer Reads, Pue...
In this article, I’ll consider the operating costs for an offshore bank set up in Puerto Rico. These sample operating costs are taken from our previous projects and other Internati...
22 Oct 2019
Capital Requirements for an International Bank in Puerto Rico
Category: Business Planning, Puerto Rico
In this article, I’ll review the capital requirements for an international bank in Puerto Rico. Sometimes referred to as offshore bank licenses or an International Financial Entity...
22 Oct 2019
Swiss Trust as a Bank Holding Company
Category: Bank Holding Company, Swiss
In this article, I’ll consider using a Swiss trust as a bank holding company. The Swiss trust company is the most popular holding entity for offshore banks, all be it a very expens...
22 Oct 2019
Allowed Services and Business Lines for an Offshore Bank in Puerto Rico
Category: Business Planning, Puerto Rico
Below is a list of services an International Financial Entity may provide from Puerto Rico to persons and companies outside of Puerto Rico. This is a complete list of possible serv...
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