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20 Oct 2019
Due Diligence Requirements for an International Bank in Puerto Rico
Category: Business Planning, Puerto Rico
While this post looks at Puerto Rico in detail, the majority of these requirements also apply to all quality offshore jurisdictions. When negotiating an offshore banking license, y...
18 Oct 2019
Best Core Banking Software for an Offshore Bank
Category: Business Planning, Software
The core banking software will be the largest asset you purchase during the startup phase. Your core software will have a major impact on your operations and the services you are c...
15 Oct 2019
Business Plan for an Offshore Bank License
Category: Business Plan, Longer Reads, Offshor...
When applying for a banking license, the business plan is by far the most important document filed with regulators. The business plan for an offshore banking license argues your ca...
12 Oct 2019
License your International Financial Entity in Puerto Rico – Part 3
Category: Puerto Rico
I’ve covered how to license your financial entity in Puerto Rico in great detail in previous posts. In this article, I will consider capitalization. How much money do you need to h...
10 Oct 2019
The Decline of the Cayman Islands Offshore Banking Empire
Category: Cayman Islands
If you ask anyone to name a foreign jurisdiction that’s famous for their offshore bank licenses, they’re most likely going to mention, for better or worse, the Cayman Islands. The ...
07 Oct 2019
Dominica Banking License
Category: Dominica, Offshore Bank License
Of the jurisdictions you can choose to obtain an international bank license, Dominica offers some of the best options for foreign investors. An international banking license from D...
04 Oct 2019
Purchasing a Community Bank in the United States
Category: United States
We’re often asked about purchasing small community banks in the United States by our offshore bank license clients. Many want a full-service bank with FDIC facilities in the United...
01 Oct 2019
Dominica Banking Regulations
Category: Dominica
Caribbean countries are taking a page out of the United State’s book and going all-in on banking. Banking has been the number one industry in the United States for more than three ...
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