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19 May 2023
bank license in puerto rico
The Internet and ChatGBT are Wrong About International Bank Licenses in Puerto Rico
Category: International Bank License, Offshore...
In this post, I’ll look at an AI-generated article about setting up an international bank in Puerto Rico and explain where it is wrong. The bottom line is that most of the informat...
16 May 2023
banking hurdles
Risks of Bank Acquisition in Puerto Rico: Compliance, Loan Books, and Regulatory Pitfalls
Category: Business Planning, International Ban...
In this post, I’ll consider the risks of buying an existing bank. All of these issues must be considered before buying a bank in Puerto Rico or elsewhere. The primary risk areas wh...
02 May 2023
US and Puerto Rico Bank Licenses
US Banking License vs. Puerto Rico International Banking License
Category: International Bank License, Offshore...
In this post, I will compare and contrast US banking licenses with international banking licenses in Puerto Rico.
24 Apr 2023
Puerto Rico Office
New International Banking Regulations for Puerto Rico in 2024
Category: Business Plan, Business Planning, In...
In this post, I will look at the proposed changes to Puerto Rico's international banking law, Act 273. I expect these changes to be approved for 2024 and to improve the island's in...
24 Apr 2023
banks being closed
Puerto Rico Cracks Down on International Banks: A Look at the Recent Closures
Category: International Bank License, Offshore...
In this article, I look at the reasons several banks have been closed in Puerto Rico over the last couple of years. The regulations and requirements to operate in Puerto Rico have ...
23 Apr 2023
starting an international bank in Bermuda
Bermuda to Become the Top International Bank License in 2024
Category: Bank Holding Company, Bermuda, Busin...
I expect Bermuda to become the next great international banking hub starting in 2024. Here's what you need to know about starting an international bank in Bermuda in 2024.
23 Apr 2023
Bermuda and BVI
Country Information – Bermuda and BVI
Category: Bermuda, BVI, International Bank Lic...
The most popular international banking jurisdictions for 2024 (looking forward) are the Caribbean islands of Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands. This page will give you some hi...
15 Oct 2021
premiey copy 2
How Many International Banks are there in Puerto Rico
Category: Puerto Rico
In this post, we’ll look at how many international banks are there in Puerto Rico as of October 2021. I’ll also cover how many new licenses have been issued in recent years and you...
01 Oct 2021
premier-4 copy
International Banks in Puerto Rico Exempt from Reporting Certain Transactions
Category: Puerto Rico
International banks in Puerto Rico are no longer required to report foreign transactions over $5,000 to regulators. The logic is simple: international banks in Puerto Rico handle m...