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16 May 2023
banking hurdles
Risks of Bank Acquisition in Puerto Rico: Compliance, Loan Books, and Regulatory Pitfalls
Category: Business Planning, International Ban...
In this post, I’ll consider the risks of buying an existing bank. All of these issues must be considered before buying a bank in Puerto Rico or elsewhere. The primary risk areas wh...
14 Dec 2019
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Offshore Banks for Sale in Puerto Rico
Category: Offshore Bank License
As of December 2019, there are two international banks for sale in the US territory of Puerto Rico. If you’re planning on setting up an offshore bank in 2020, you should take a har...
27 Nov 2019
Offshore Banking Basel III Implementation
Offshore Banking Basel III Implementation
Category: Business Plan, Business Planning, Of...
Basel III is a regulatory framework that includes a number of laws and reforms that are designed to make changes and improvements to the regulation, supervision, and risk managemen...