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Aged Swiss Trust for Global Financial Services Company

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Aged Swiss Trust for Global Financial Services Company

Posted by: Christian Reeves
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Switzerland has long been renowned for its robust financial sector, supportive regulatory environment, and innovative spirit, making it a prime destination for entrepreneurs and businesses in the financial services, crypto, blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) industries. 

One unique approach to establishing a foothold in the Swiss market is utilizing an aged Swiss Trust company as a holding or operating entity. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leveraging an aged Swiss Trust company for your business ventures in Switzerland.

Benefits of an Aged Swiss Trust Company

Enhanced Credibility and Reputation:

1. An aged Swiss Trust company offers a sense of stability and trustworthiness that can be difficult to achieve with a newly established entity. The company’s age and established presence in Switzerland can enhance your venture’s credibility, making it more appealing to potential clients, partners, and investors.

Streamlined Company Formation Process:

2. Acquiring an aged Swiss Trust company can significantly expedite the company formation process. As the company is already incorporated, many of the legal and administrative requirements have been met, allowing you to focus on launching and growing your business. This streamlined process can save time and resources compared to starting a new entity from scratch.

Access to Swiss Financial Infrastructure:

3. Swiss Trust companies are well-integrated into the country’s strong financial infrastructure, offering access to world-class banking services, well-regulated financial markets, and a supportive regulatory environment. These factors can provide a stable foundation for businesses in the financial services, crypto, blockchain, and AI sectors, enabling them to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Flexibility in Business Operations:

4. Swiss Trust companies are versatile corporate structures that can serve as either a holding company or an operating company. This flexibility allows entrepreneurs to adapt their business model to the specific needs and goals of their venture, whether it’s managing assets, providing financial services, or facilitating transactions in the crypto and blockchain space.

Favorable Tax Environment:

5. Switzerland is known for its business-friendly tax environment, with relatively low corporate tax rates compared to other European countries. By utilizing a Swiss Trust company, businesses can benefit from Switzerland’s favorable tax policies, which can contribute to higher profit margins and long-term growth.

Access to Skilled Workforce and Innovation Ecosystem:

6. Switzerland boasts a highly skilled workforce and a strong focus on innovation, particularly in technology and finance. By setting up a business in Switzerland, entrepreneurs can tap into the country’s talent pool and leverage its innovative spirit to drive their ventures forward.

Networking and Partnership Opportunities:

7. Swiss Trust companies provide access to the extensive network of businesses, financial institutions, and industry professionals in Switzerland. This network can open doors to valuable partnership opportunities and collaborations, enabling businesses to expand their reach and grow their operations.

Operating in Crypto Valley

Crypto Valley, located in the heart of Switzerland, is a hub for the development and growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. It is situated in the canton of Zug, which has become known as the “Crypto Valley” due to the high concentration of blockchain and crypto-related businesses operating in the region. One major advantage of setting up a fintech business in the Crypto Valley is favorable government policies towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Swiss government has taken a proactive approach to the regulation of cryptocurrency and has created a legal framework that provides clarity and stability for businesses operating in the space. Additionally, the Swiss government is supportive of innovation and has made it easy for businesses to set up shop in the country, with favorable tax policies and relatively little bureaucracy.

Another reason to set up a fintech business in Crypto Valley is the talent pool available. Switzerland has a highly educated workforce with strong technical skills, and many banks and financial institutions have a presence in the country. This has led to a rich ecosystem of professionals with experience in finance, technology, and regulation, providing an ideal environment for fintech startups to flourish. Additionally, the close proximity of other blockchain and crypto-related companies and individuals means opportunities for collaboration and networking are abundant, further enhancing the potential for growth and success in the Crypto Valley.

Note that some aged Swiss Trusts are incorporated in Zug, but not all. The come from all the Cantons of Switzerland.


Establishing a financial services, crypto, blockchain, or AI business in Switzerland using an aged Swiss Trust company can offer numerous advantages, including enhanced credibility, a streamlined formation process, access to Swiss financial infrastructure, flexibility in operations, a favorable tax environment, and networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs considering entering the Swiss market should explore the potential benefits of leveraging an aged Swiss Trust company as a strategic move for their ventures.

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