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Hard to place accounts

Bank Accounts for Brokerages, Hedge Funds, FX, and International Clients
Bank Accounts for high volume and high networth clients


Our experience

We’re in the business of forming offshore banks around the globe and international banks in the US territory of Puerto Rico. As such, we’ve incorporated banks in a number of jurisdictions, each of which has a specific business model and target client. 

We can open accounts at these banks for high volume and high dollar clients. Because of our unique relationships, we can negotiate directly with the CEO or President of the bank, meet with compliance on your behalf, and move the application along efficiently. 

Examples of hard to place accounts include:

  • Chinese residents and companies looking for international and US accounts.
  • Foreign firms that want to sell on Amazon or similar platform.
  • Companies or brokerages sending a large volume of wires to China or Hong Kong. 
  • Brokerage, FX, and Hedge Funds licensed in quality jurisdictions (such as Argentina).
  • High Networth Persons and trusts from Mexico, Colombia and Brazil (but not Venezuela).
  • Companies and trusts formed in British protectorates such as Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, etc.
  • Offshore companies, trusts and foundations from a variety of jurisdictions (such as Cook Islands, Belize, Nevis, etc.).
  • Trade Finance and Letter of Credit transactions with Southeast Asia.

Contact us

We require a retainer and charge a fee for all account openings. For more information, please contact us at EMAIL or PHONE.