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Business Planning and Consulting

Business Planning for International Banks – Documentation and Advisory Services


Our clients

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and investment advisors. We also work with FX exchanges, hedge funds, trade finance firms, processors, e-commerce companies, etc. Finally, we work with small to medium-sized banks and non-bank financial entities (especially financieras in Mexico and similar jurisdictions). Each of these can benefit from an international bank license but does not have direct experience in the industry (or in the jurisdiction if moving into a new country such as Puerto Rico). 

In these cases, the key to a successful application for an offshore banking license is a carefully crafted business plan.

How can we help you?

We’ll work with you to find and fix any issues in your business model, improve your team as necessary by bringing in banking experience, building a financial model that accounts for capital requirements (Basel II and III, etc.), advising on core software systems, and everything else required to get you ready to operate a bank. 

Once you have your Permit to Organize, we can assist in finding local employees, advise on domestic and international tax matters, local permits required, and generally implement the plan we developed for you. Once you’re ready to open your doors, we can work with regulators to approve your Permit to Operate and keep you in good standing going forward. 

We also provide consulting services for those looking to buy an international bank license and those looking to sell an offshore banking license. We have completed many such transactions and can assist you to get the best price and eliminate the risk from these complex acquisitions. 

Having been down this road many times in multiple jurisdictions, we have relationships with the necessary professionals to get your deal done. For example, buyers will want a banking expert to audit the bank’s books. Then there are the attorneys who draft the documents and escrow instructions, and those who work with regulators to find any hidden issues in past audits or the bank’s reputation. 

Finally, we provide ongoing support. We can audit your policies and procedures, represent you with regulators if an issue arises, search out new or replacement employees, and advise you on entering new regions or markets. 

Business Plan Outline

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